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Crewsaver Dry Suit Repair. Drysuit repairs at


Crewsaver Dry Suit Repair.

This Crewsaver suit came in for new latex socks to be fitted. We do loads of these so it is pretty straight forward. Original socks viewed from the inside.


The old sock is gently released so as not to damage the dry suit leg. The gluing area is cleaned.


IMGP1052_smThe new socks are fitted on the inside. Good as new and as good as the day that it left the Crewsaver factory.

IMGP1053_smExternal view of the new socks fitted and ready for use. Just as good as the day they were made.

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Rooster Sailing Wetsuit Convenience Zip Fitment

It’s that time of year again. The early season training is already happening for some and anything broken from last season needs to be fixed or altered ready to go. We have just had this Rooster Sailing Long-john in for a ‘Convenience-zip’.

The zip is fitted externally using the same ‘No Stich Technology’ technique employed by Bare Drysuits. This combined with the internal zip flap minimises water ingression.

Need some thing like this, then give us a call. Tel: 0161 304 8471

Rooster sm 1Rooster sm 2