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Vision Wader Repair – New Dry Zip fitted

Test and repair of Vision Waders, including dry zip replacement

This is how the waders looked when they arrived for test. Its hard to believe that the zip is leaking and there are several holes.


This is the inside view before the process of zip removal. We disassemble, rebuild and fit zips back the way the original manufacturer did it.

The internal sealing tape has been carefully removed to reveal the stitching.


The zip has been unpicked one stitch at a time and lifted out.




The new zip is fitted and ready for sealant and taping.



The zip has now been sealed and taped. The process of dealing with the internal leaks can begin. The crotch seam has had some reinforcement.

Discreet patches are used to mend small holes and leaks.



The patches are made from the same material as the wader lining, so they are flexible and don’t cause further problems such a friction leaks.


This is the finished item. We always aim to make it look as though nothing has been touched, restoring things to original manufacturer specification or better.

If you need Waders repairs the contact us on: 0161 304 8471.

Fishing Wader Zip replacement at

IMGP1320_sm1. Wader zip replacement. This was a second hand but usable zip taken from an old pair of waders. The customer wanted it to be fitted to this newer serviceable pair of waders



IMGP1328_sm2. Wader zip replacement. The old zip is carefully disassembled ready to be fitted to the newer pair of waders




IMGP1331_sm3. Wader zip replacement. Newer waders ready to be marked up and prepared for the zip to be inserted






IMGP1333_sm4. Wader zip replacement. Zip hole has been formed and the replacement zip is ready for insertion






IMGP1336_sm5. Wader zip replacement. Replacement zip is fitted and sealed using welded tape – internal view






IMGP1337_sm6. Wader zip replacement. Replacement zip is fitted and sealed using welded tape – external view





If you need something like this please give us a call. If you don’t see what you want we can probably do it for you. Please ask.

Hardy EWS Wader alteration. Wader repairs at

This is a pair of Hardy EWS waders that we have just had in for alteration. The legs needed to be shortened. This is the original joint.


In this picture the gaiter has been carefully removed prior to the unwanted section being cut away.







The excess length has been removed and the gaiter has been reattached to the shortened leg.



In this final picture the neoprene sock has been refitted and taped. External and internal views of the same job.


If you need something like this doing please give us a call on 0161 304 8471

Wader Braces and Wetsuit Braces – Wader Repairs & Wetsuit Repairs

IMGP0701 sm

Wetsuit or Fishing Wader braces fitted at

This is a pair of Gill Hiking Trousers that we have just fitted braces to. We Can fit this design of braces to Fishing Waders, Wetsuits or Outdoor Clothing. We can make them to measure or to your own unique design.