Hardy EWS Wader alteration. Wader repairs at Gybe.co.uk

This is a pair of Hardy EWS waders that we have just had in for alteration. The legs needed to be shortened. This is the original joint.


In this picture the gaiter has been carefully removed prior to the unwanted section being cut away.







The excess length has been removed and the gaiter has been reattached to the shortened leg.



In this final picture the neoprene sock has been refitted and taped. External and internal views of the same job.


If you need something like this doing please give us a call on 0161 304 8471

Rooster Sailing Wetsuit Convenience Zip Fitment

It’s that time of year again. The early season training is already happening for some and anything broken from last season needs to be fixed or altered ready to go. We have just had this Rooster Sailing Long-john in for a ‘Convenience-zip’.

The zip is fitted externally using the same ‘No Stich Technology’ technique employed by Bare Drysuits. This combined with the internal zip flap minimises water ingression.

Need some thing like this, then give us a call. Tel: 0161 304 8471

Rooster sm 1Rooster sm 2

Husky Sleighs Tignes Le Lac

Continuing on with things to do in Tignes Le Lac when the conditions are less than good, we decided to try Husky Sleigh riding. We had been warned by others that the dogs tend to go to the toilet on the run but fortunately the Sleigh Driver was aware of the potential difficulties this might present to the riders. He was able to anticipate the dog’s requirements and put the brakes on just in time. Two uses for the shovel then!

The guy who runs the dog teams really knows and loves his dogs and they all had a brilliant time in the deep snow. I wouldn’t normally leave the piste but as the weather was so foul there was little fun in skiing. If you go to Tignes, you should try this.


Ice Diving Tignes Le Lac

Hi. We have just returned from Skiing in Tignes. I thought this was an interesting diversion. The weather was going sideways and it was a difficult skiing day so we thought we might try Diving under the ice at the lake in Tignes. The people running the operation are very professional and the instruction was top class. Safety lines are in place and the equipment was top notch. As diving instructors ourselves we didn’t think it would be particularly challenging and it wasn’t. You don’t have to be a qualified diver or even have any diving experience. The instructor will keep hold of you , operate all of your equipment and carry you through the dive. Just relax and enjoy the view. I was even consulted on Drysuit repairs whilst I was there.

Dry Suit Repairs – Drysuit Pocket repair / reseal

Dry Suit Repair at www.gybe.co.uk

IMGP0769 sm

Dry Suit Pocket – internal taping worn and leaking.


IMGP0772 sm
Old taping is removed and the seams are cleaned.
IMGP0773 sm
A layer of seam sealant is brushed on.
IMGP0776 sm
The drysuit seams are then over taped and corner reinforcers added.
Good as new and ready to go.
Drysuit repairs – 0161 304 8471
Email: repairs@gybe.co.uk

Wader Braces and Wetsuit Braces – Wader Repairs & Wetsuit Repairs

IMGP0701 sm

Wetsuit or Fishing Wader braces fitted at www.gybe.co.uk

This is a pair of Gill Hiking Trousers that we have just fitted braces to. We Can fit this design of braces to Fishing Waders, Wetsuits or Outdoor Clothing. We can make them to measure or to your own unique design.