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Northern Diver Suit – beyond economic repair

Northern Diver Dry Suit – repair assessment.

This Northern Diver dry suit was sent in for new seals. A recent purchase for a novice diver.

We inspected the seals and over cuffs.




Both the cuffs and neck were in poor condition which was not a major problem as they could all be put back into working order.





However the zip was clearly beyond use and the internal seam taping was crumbling away.

Most of the  seams at the top of the suit were completely gone.

We discussed the matter with the client and suggested that obtaining a refund from the point of purchase would be the best option. We could have restored this suit but the cost would have been too much compared with the value and quality of the suit. We helped him with supporting information and he got his money back.

If you need a suit assessing to see if it is viable then contact us on 0161 304 8471.

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Avon Dry Suit Repair – Seal replacement

Avon Drysuit Repair

This is an Avon Dry Suit that we have just had in for refurbishment. The original seals had rotted away and in some places melted into the surface of the suit. We used specialised cleaners and patience to remove the old seals and sort the damaged areas.

Avon dry suit repair - replacement seals 2

Avon drysuit repair - seal replacement 3Avon dry suit repair - replacement seals 1

The final result. New wrist seals and neck seal.

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Dry Suit Repairs – Drysuit Pocket repair / reseal

Dry Suit Repair at www.gybe.co.uk

IMGP0769 sm

Dry Suit Pocket – internal taping worn and leaking.


IMGP0772 sm
Old taping is removed and the seams are cleaned.
IMGP0773 sm
A layer of seam sealant is brushed on.
IMGP0776 sm
The drysuit seams are then over taped and corner reinforcers added.
Good as new and ready to go.
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