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Vision Wader Repair – New Dry Zip fitted

Test and repair of Vision Waders, including dry zip replacement

This is how the waders looked when they arrived for test. Its hard to believe that the zip is leaking and there are several holes.


This is the inside view before the process of zip removal. We disassemble, rebuild and fit zips back the way the original manufacturer did it.

The internal sealing tape has been carefully removed to reveal the stitching.


The zip has been unpicked one stitch at a time and lifted out.




The new zip is fitted and ready for sealant and taping.



The zip has now been sealed and taped. The process of dealing with the internal leaks can begin. The crotch seam has had some reinforcement.

Discreet patches are used to mend small holes and leaks.



The patches are made from the same material as the wader lining, so they are flexible and don’t cause further problems such a friction leaks.


This is the finished item. We always aim to make it look as though nothing has been touched, restoring things to original manufacturer specification or better.

If you need Waders repairs the contact us on: 0161 304 8471.