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Speedo Triathlon Wetsuit Repair

Speedo Triathlon Wetsuit

This came in with an emergency repair job on the shoulder. It was a bit of a mess.


 Close view of the original

 This is what it looked like after we had cleaned off the glue/sealant the had been used for the emergency repair.

Internal view of the seam intersection with reinforcement to the seams. All internal patching has been done with ultra thin, flexible patches.

This is how it looked when finished. Clean and tidy. Ready to go.



If you need your Triathlon wetsuit repairing then contact us at : repairs@gybe.co.uk
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Aquasphere Triathlon Wet Suit – Zip base repair

Aqua Shere Triathlon Wetsuit Repair.

This suit came in with damage that is typical of this kind of suit and its use. Athletes are always in a rush to get out of their suits and this is the inevitable consequence. It is easily sorted though.

Outside of the suit showing the tear at the base of the zip and the base seam beginning to come apart.



Inside view of the suit showing the tear and the inner reinforcement of the zip base seam giving up.


This is the outside view after the base and the seam have been repaired.


This is the inside after repair and reinforcement. Flat, flexible, welded, fabric covered patches have been added to give strength without bulk.


If you need something like this doing to you suit, then contact us on 0161 304 8471.

Wetsuit and Drysuit repairs at: www.gybe.co.uk

Rooster Sailing Wetsuit Convenience Zip Fitment

It’s that time of year again. The early season training is already happening for some and anything broken from last season needs to be fixed or altered ready to go. We have just had this Rooster Sailing Long-john in for a ‘Convenience-zip’.

The zip is fitted externally using the same ‘No Stich Technology’ technique employed by Bare Drysuits. This combined with the internal zip flap minimises water ingression.

Need some thing like this, then give us a call. Tel: 0161 304 8471

Rooster sm 1Rooster sm 2