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Triathlon Wetsuit Repair – Huub Neck Replacement

Huub Triathlon Wetsuit Repair

This Huub wetsuit came in with a damaged neck. An attempt had been made by the owner to rectify the problem but it continued to tear across the neckline.

This is the inside as it looked when it arrived. The neoprene lining material was delaminating and coming apart.

We removed the damaged section of the suit as it was too badly gone to do a simple patch.


The new piece has been inserted. This is how it looked from the inside.



The finished job looked like this. A suit that was beginning to become unusable, back in service and ready to race.

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Wader Braces and Wetsuit Braces – Wader Repairs & Wetsuit Repairs

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Wetsuit or Fishing Wader braces fitted at www.gybe.co.uk

This is a pair of Gill Hiking Trousers that we have just fitted braces to. We Can fit this design of braces to Fishing Waders, Wetsuits or Outdoor Clothing. We can make them to measure or to your own unique design.