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Drysuit Repairs Price Guide.

All suits can be made to be different in many ways. Where we are asked to undertake a repair we will always do our utmost to put the suit back to the same condition as the original manufacturer (or better).
Our repair experience goes back to the early 1980’s when the first variable volume dry suits were a real novelty in the sport diver market and we have seen many innovations and developments, all of which we have had to repair or put right.
Our motto is ‘We can change anything, including the colour’.
Dry stuff
NECK SEALS (fitted)
Standard latex neck seal £33.95
Neoprene neck seal - standard neoprene suit £40.95
Neoprene neck seal - standard membrane suit £45.95
Glide Skin neck seal (for surface dry suits)
Glide Skin neck seal (stitched and taped)
Stitched and taped latex seal £39.95
Heavy duty latex £37.95
Neoprene neck seal alteration (take in) £19.95
Standard conversions – latex to neoprene extra £5.95
Standard conversions – neoprene to latex extra £5.95
Suits with neck dams/warm neck collar extra £5.95
Suits with neck dams extra  £5.95
Re-tape neck seal where necessary £11.95
Seal tabs where necessary
Remove and refit neck dam
Fit warm neck collar – standard £28.95
Fit warm neck collar – Velcro adjusters £34.95
Latex wrists-bellows or cone £37.95 pr
Latex wrists-bellows or cone stitched and taped £43.95 pr
Manchette wrists £43.95pr
Neoprene wrists on to standard neoprene suits £39.95pr
Neoprene wrists on to standard membrane suits £43.95 pr
Glide Skin wrists on to standard surface suits £43.95 pr
Heavy duty latex wrists £40.95 pr
Re-tape wrists where necessary £11.95pr
Seal tabs where necessary £8.95pr
Suits with wrist protectors extra £5.95 pr
Fit neoprene over cuff £28.95pr
Standard conversions – latex to neoprene extra £5.95
Standard conversions – neoprene to latex extra £5.95
Standard ring system fitted to existing seals inc gloves POA
As above with extra integral/internal wrist seals POA
Replace neoprene dive hood face seal £25.95
Fit standard dive hood £45.95
Fit dry hood (with face seal) £51.95
ANKLE SEALS (fitted)
Standard latex £40.95pr
Neoprene ankle seals £45.95pr
Latex socks (stitched and taped) £51.95 pr
Latex socks (glued on) £45.95pr
Neoprene socks £69.95pr
Re-tape ankle seals £11.95pr

Seal tabs
Standard wet pressure test £22.95

Up to 36”
Up to 38”
Up to 40”
Convenience zip

NEOPRENE DRYSUIT ZIPS - Front Entry : Fitted:
Up to 36”
Up to 38”
Up to 40”
Convenience zip

Up to 36”
Up to 38”
Up to 40”
Convenience zip

Up to 36”
Up to 38”
Up to 40”
Convenience zip

Up to 36” - Back Entry
Up to 36” - Front Entry

Remove convenience zip and block off £51.95
Remove and refit zip cover £20.95
Re-tape zip £17.95
Reseal zip (Dui drysuits) £26.95
Zip mounting panel £37.95
Zip cassette system dry zips extra                                                                  from £45.00
Fit zip puller extention cord inc toggle £4.95
Remove auto dump, supply and fit cuff dump and patch hole £45.95
Neoprene lined heavy duty boots £90.95
Re-tape boots £11.95
Latex socks £45.95
Cargo pocket with zip fastening £45.95
Standard flat slate pocket £23.95
Standard flat knife pocket £23.95
Standard flat pocket £23.95

Braces (top quality fittings and adjusters)
Kneepads and bum pads - Melco

Supply and fit valve - Cuff Dump
Supply and fit valve - Swivel inflation unit only
Supply and fit valve - Swivel inflator and hose
Supply and fit valve - Auto shoulder dump
Inflator Hose
Patch hole - From
Fit valve (inflation or dump)
Fit backing ring
Remove inflator or shoulder dump valve and patch hole
Block off cuff dump

 Heat tape fitted £13.95per Metre
All Alterations: P.O.A
Pockets - Supply Only 
Knife pocket
Cargo pocket
Standard pocket 
Prices for repairs to drysuits and wetsuits assume that the suit is in original manufacturer condition and has not been modified so as to make repairs difficult in any way. We will always contact customers where the cost of a repair is going to be significantly greater than we have previously stated or where we feel that the suit is not worth the repair cost. We are happy to inspect suits and give a clear costing of the work that is required or the complications that may be involved.

We can repair seams, patch holes, make them wider, longer, slimmer, and shorter, add bits or take some away. If your divorcee partner takes a Stanley knife to your pride and joy (wet or dry suit) we can stick it back together in a professional manner; yes we have done this repair more than once!
We are a small company so when you ring us you will always be able to speak to someone who makes their living from ‘hands on’ suit repair and not a manager who merely watches without understanding.
If you do not see a price for the job you require this is because we cannot possibly list everything and because some jobs by definition are difficult until you see them. (e.g. Mouse holes – Yes they do eat wet and dry suits we think it is salt or fish oil).
Give us a ring 0161 304 8471 
We do not offer credit terms on repairs, all items must be paid for prior to despatch.

Uncollected suits or unpaid for suits will incur a storage charge of £2.50 per week.

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